What we offer

What We Do

We assist companies in all commercial aspects of external growth and investments in foreign markets. Our experienced team offers dedicated individual support to help facilitate your development and optimise your growth.

Expandys provides you with business expertise and a team of dedicated professionals – our experience in local markets and access to a global network ensures success of your development strategy.
Through our specific methodology and turnkey solutions, we offer customised and practical options with tangible results to ensure your competitiveness in the market. We ensure our clients have a single local point of contact to provide assistance and resolve issues every step of the way. By covering every aspect of your export and development goals – from marketing and commercial strategies to business development and implementation, we guarantee a global outlook with local expertise.

Most importantly, we are deeply committed to working closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome as we strongly believe that “Your success is Our success”.

Market Intelligence: 'Prepare your development'

Assist you in your strategic choices and provide you guidance to assess all your international development opportunities:
How to identify my main competitors in a foreign market?
What are the market specificities of the territory I’d like to penetrate?
How to test my product (service) in the countries I want to develop?
We will help you to answer your questions with tailor-made solutions:

  • Provide market Study with routes to market Strategy
  • Provide Business intelligence & competition monitoring
  • Offer export strategy and advice
  • Supply market, economic and political overview
  • Assess market & product potential

Market Entry: 'Implement your business'

Provide you full support when taking a first step in new markets thanks to a proven business methodology

What’s the best distribution strategy Vs the targeted market?
How can I easily identify appropriate distributors / sales agents for my products (services)?
What’s the most efficient way to reach the main targets in this new country?

Some of our services below will enable you to do your first sales quickly:

  • Provide representation office
  • Organise the incorporation of your subsidiary
  • Assist mergers and acquisitions
  • Recruit your employees in your target country
  • Search, evaluate and select your business partners (agents, distributors, franchisees & suppliers)

Market Development: 'Increase your sales'

Strengthen your local presence and accelerate your growth thanks to a strategic approach and our technical expertise
How to boost my sales in this high potential market?
How to reorganise my distribution network for a better efficiency?
How to supervise and manage my foreign partners?

Our local presence and our business acumen will foster a swift and secured export growth for your business:

  • Prospect and manage your Key Accounts
  • Improve and animate of your distribution networks
  • Assist you during trade show and international events
  • Manage and Monitor your sales networks
  • Externalise your sales on time share basis

Representation: 'Manage your activity'

Manage your local presence and behave as a local partner with your international customers
How to find a cost-effective solution to settle in a remote area?
How to manage HR local regulation in my foreign subsidiaries?
Where is the best place to be to establish my business abroad?

Here is part of our wide range of representation services to release you from your export administrative constraints:

  • Manage your secretary activities
  • Manage your accounting & finance
  • Manage your sales administration
  • Manage your Payroll and salaries payment
  • Manage your PR, Marketing and sales activities

Trade Development: 'Support your Association or Government Agency'

Assist trade organisations and government bodies to answer global expansion needs of their customers
How to facilitate linking of the main market stakeholders?
What’s the most efficient event format to introduce and present our products (services) to the local purchasers?
How to manage common initiatives while satisfying all individual needs of my association members?

Thanks to our international business experts, we will facilitate your life and fully support you in various missions:

  • Identify Foreign Direct Investment
  • Organise and promote B2B conventions & international trade shows pavilion.
  • Provide representative offices within the target market
  • Offer export assistance for foreign regions and clusters
  • Represent, promote and assist your entity in foreign territories

Trade Fair Promotion: 'Grow your international event'

Represent and assist international exhibition organisers for the promotion of their events

How to attract more international exhibitors and visitors to my events?
How to identify the main stakeholders of a specific sector for my next year’s shows?
How to communicate efficiently with my international interlocutors to convince them to invest budget in my shows?

Our dedicated trade fair team will strive to improve the international attractiveness of your shows:

  • Sponsorship sales
  • Visitors promotion with VIP approach
  • Exhibitors promotion with In-depth telemarketing campaigns
  • Trade associations and Government bodies follow-up
  • Public relation (press releases, follow-up calls for editorials, meetings with major press, negotiations for advertising)