What we offer

Industrial establishment, JV and M&A


  • Implant your company locally, whether it be in green field or strategic rapprochement
  • Be accompanied in operational approach to implant an organisation 
  • Possess a local support to apprehend cultural, management and business environment particularities



  1. Market approach and implantation comparative analysis

  2. Counsel and support on business practices

  3. Strategic counsel


In case of Green field

In case of strategic rapprochement

► Support in legal and fiscal creation of the subsidiary

► Support, management and monitoring of the subsidiary

► Research of premises or industrial land

► Operational implementation support (licence, authorization, financing..)

► Lobbying and public relation management

► Participation in the directory of your local structure

► Recruitment support

► Industrial sourcing and sub-contractors classification

► Business development support

► Targeting, classification and selection of partners

► M&A association and Joint Ventures and partnering negotiation support

► Organisational structure audit

► Due intelligence support

► Negotiation/transaction monitoring







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