Our last achievements

French digital printing crosses The Channel

DAP, a specialist digital printing company, recently exported his know-how to the UK. It relied on Expandy’s local expertise to find the right partners and the best opportunities to enter the UK market successfully.

The collaboration between DAP and Expandys started in 2013.  Expandys were entrusted with the task of identifying partners willing to distribute their product range in the UK. Owing to Expandy’s local presence and its knowledge of the market, we were able to identify the most suitable distributors for the DAP brand. This successful outcome by Expandys encouraged DAP to proceed with its international development strategy. DAP decided to extend its collaboration with Expandys, who helped facilitate the DAP expansion strategy to set up its business in the UK.

2015 completes a  year of successful collaboration between DAP and its new partners. And the future looks promising!