Our last achievements

Moroccan fruits love British climate!

Moroccan companies looking to export to the UK always face several issues, especially when they are starting from scratch or don’t have any local representation. It is for this reason Maroc Export (Public association for international development) relies on Expandys to assist their members in the penetration of the British market.

In June 2014, Expandys worked closely with several Moroccan fruit exporters to develop their market share in the UK. This was done via B to B meetings organised with major British distributors and also by promoting their produce at various UK events.

Expandys also organised business development events for a group of Moroccan fruits producers to foster business in Britain. We successfully orchestrated several activities: a presentation of the British fruit market and its specificities for the Moroccan fruit exporters, identification of the principal British retailers, a site visit for the British retailers to the fruit producers premises in Morocco, B to B meetings between the main British multiple retailers (Tesco, Morrisons, etc.) and the Moroccan fruits producers and a visit for the Moroccan fruit producers to the London Produce Show.

The outcome was highly positive: 19 of the main British buyers were met, the Moroccan producers were extremely  satisfied with the overall experience and a lot of new business was generated!