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May 23, 2024
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Australia, with its robust economy and business-friendly environment, attracts many companies seeking to expand in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the complexities of Australian labor law, combined with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, have driven companies to seek flexible solutions for managing their human resources. Employer of record (EOR) services present an innovative and effective solution for companies wishing to enter the Australian market while minimizing risks and costs.


Regulatory framework of employment in Australia

Employment law in Australia is primarily regulated by the Fair Work Act 2009, which sets national standards for wages, working conditions, and job security. Regulations can vary by state and territory, adding a layer of complexity for international companies. Obligations include compliance with minimum wage laws, fair working conditions, and protections against unfair dismissal. Additionally, Australia has a mandatory superannuation system, a form of retirement savings to which employers must contribute for their employees.

Understanding employer of record (EOR) services in Australia

EOR services involve a tripartite arrangement between an independent professional, an EOR company, and a client company. This structure allows companies to benefit from the skills of a professional without the constraints of direct employment. The professional signs an employment contract with the EOR company, while the EOR company enters into a service agreement with the client company. This model offers significant flexibility, allowing companies to focus on their core business activities.

Benefits of EOR services for companies in Australia

Companies opting for EOR services in Australia can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Flexibility and Cost Reduction: EOR services enable companies to quickly access specific skills without the costs and commitments associated with direct hiring. This is particularly advantageous for temporary projects or fluctuating needs.

  • Regulatory Compliance: The EOR company handles all legal and administrative obligations, including superannuation contributions, income tax, and compliance with the Fair Work Act, ensuring full adherence to local laws.

  • Access to Diverse Talent: The EOR model allows companies to tap into a wide pool of talent, including local and international experts, without the constraints related to immigration and visas.

  • Security and Insurance: Professionals employed through EOR services benefit from professional liability insurance, offering additional protection for both the professional and the client company.

Process of implementing EOR services in Australia

The process of establishing EOR services in Australia can be outlined as follows:

  • Needs Identification: The client company defines its skill requirements and the duration of the mission.

  • Professional Selection: The EOR company assists in recruiting and selecting suitable candidates based on the specific needs of the client company.

  • Contract Negotiation and Conclusion: Three contracts are established: an employment contract between the professional and the EOR company, a service agreement between the EOR company and the client company, and a portage agreement outlining the terms of the mission.

  • Administrative Management and Monitoring: The EOR company handles all administrative tasks, including payroll, tax declarations, and superannuation contributions. It also monitors the mission and the performance of the employed professional.

  • Invoicing and Payment: The EOR company invoices the client company for the services provided and converts these revenues into salary for the employed professional, after deducting charges and taxes.

Specifics of EOR services in Australia

  • Superannuation: Superannuation is a mandatory retirement system in Australia, designed to help workers accumulate funds for their retirement. Employers must contribute a percentage of their employees' salaries into a superannuation fund. EOR companies manage these contributions, ensuring that employed professionals receive the same benefits as regular employees.

  • Visas and Immigration: EOR companies offer assistance with visas and immigration, facilitating the integration of international talent into the Australian market.

  • Worker Rights Protection: The Fair Work Act ensures fair working conditions and protects worker rights. EOR companies must comply with these regulations, ensuring a safe and equitable working environment for employed professionals.


EOR services in Australia offer a strategic solution for companies looking to expand in a complex and regulated market. Providing unparalleled flexibility, assured regulatory compliance, and rapid access to diverse talent, EOR services allow companies to focus on growth and innovation. For professionals, EOR offers job security and benefits comparable to traditional employment, while providing greater freedom and independence in their work.

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