Our customers cover all sectors, company sizes and growth phases

We support Major group, Mid-cap companies, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups.

Major group 5%
Mid-cap companies 20%
SMEs 60%
Startups 15%

A support tailored to your industry

Our approach is founded on a rigorous methodology and adaptable skills suitable for all industry sectors.

Efficiency: The country and business expertise are often more crucial than sector-specific knowledge.

Pragmatism: When sector-specific expertise is essential for the mission, we supplement our project team with a specialist in that field.

Our solutions are holistic and tailored to each context, ensuring a high level of client satisfaction.

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An approach tailored to your growth pace

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You are not yet present in the target market

At this stage, we assist you in building the fundamentals.

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You already have clients or suppliers in your target market and would like to expand

At this point, we help you grow and strenghten your presence

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You have a sustainable volume of business and would like to set up a subsidiary

At this level of maturity, we support you in establishing a permanent presence and creating your own local entity


A support tailored to your type of business

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International companies

We support SMEs, Mid-cap companies, Major group  and Startups

Banks or investment funds

We support your clients in the development of their target country(ies).

Governmental institution, associations or industry clusters

We support your members or associates in their international expansion.

Clients testimonials

The Expandys teams demonstrated a genuine ability to listen and understand our requirements, and the solution provided exceeded our expectations. Their in-depth knowledge of local stakeholders and their strong network allowed us to operate successfully and efficiently on site.

Karim Bouchahdane, Project Manager
Karim Bouchahdane - Actemium

I'm extremely satisfied with the market research conducted by Expandys. Their in-depth expertise allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues affecting our target market. The final analysis provided was not only clear and pragmatic, but also included essential field insights that significantly enhanced our market comprehension.

Olivier Bigot, International Strategy & Channel Partner Manager
Olivier BIGOT - Lacroix

Expandys handled the establishment of our Australian subsidiary. The management team listened attentively to our requirements and consistently adapted to our needs with efficiency and pragmatism.

Pascal Ichard, Finance Manager
Pascal ICHARD - Mirakl

The establishment and management of our subsidiary were handled very efficiently by Expandys. The local teams consistently demonstrated high availability and responsiveness, attentively addressing all our concerns.

Alex Leroux, Vice President Southern EMEA & APAC

The Expandys team demonstrated remarkable adaptability and flexibility from the outset of our collaboration. We are thrilled to have selected Expandys as our strategic partner.

Zineb Alaoui, Chief Financial Officer
Zineb Alaoui - Veja

Expandys carried out a comprehensive sector study on the Indian tableware market and presented the findings to our members through a webinar. Our members highly valued the strategic analysis and the actionable recommendations for market entry. The presentation was clear, concise, and well-structured.

Claire Henimann, International Development Director

Expandys carried out a recruitment mission for Bulmer Group, and did an excellent job of finding a local resource in India who matched our criteria perfectly. As well as selecting the candidate, Expandys also helped us make our entry into the Indian market in general.

Tony Bulmer, Director

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