Employer of Record (EOR)







EOR challenges

EOR Services facilitates access to international skills without the need to set up a subsidiary, but it does present certain challenges:

  • How do I select a EOR company that is reliable, experienced, French-speaking and with a local team?
  • How can I ensure  a smooth integration of my employees of record into my teams?
  • How can I find a partner that meets my reporting, salary validation and expense reimbursement needs?
  • How can I assess the costs associated with EOR Services?
  • How can I ensure compliance with local legislation?

Our solutions

We act as a legal entity for your company to hire staff quickly and in full compliance, without having to set up a local entity. Our solutions focus on the following points:

  • Hiring your employee and managing payslips.
  • Management of expense claims and all administrative, tax and legal obligations.
  • Full support for all situations related to recruitment, such as visa applications and intercultural management.
  • A team of local HR professionals to support you every step of the way.

Whether you're a small company with limited human resources or a multinational looking to quickly explore a new market, our EOR solutions will help you achieve your objectives.

Our methodology

Assessment of your needs

Before we begin, we carry out an in-depth assessment of your specific needs. Understanding your business, your objectives and your expectations is the first crucial step in our collaboration.

Tailor-made solutions

Simple recruitment or recruitment based on a profile. Every customer is unique so we tailor our services to your requirements. Some of our customers have already identified the employee they wish to recruit. In this case, we start a simple freelance administration procedure and we can recruit your employee between 48 hours and 5 working days after your request. If you have not identified the employee, we can recruit or hunt for the candidate(s) on your behalf on the basis of a profile sheet.

A to Z support

Our team is with you every step of the way, from your employee onboarding to the end of the contract. We're here to answer your questions and ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Transparency and reporting

We believe in transparency. We provide clear and regular reports to enable you to monitor the progress and compliance of our services against your internal standards and local regulations.


Needs evolve, and we evolve with them. Our adaptable approach means we keep pace with your internal and external changes to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration. Many of our customers are growing in their target market and reaching a critical size that requires the creation of a subsidiary.

Support during the transition phase

When your business grows strongly and you need to set up a subsidiary, we take care of the transition and transfer of your existing employees contracts. We provide ongoing support right up to the launch of your subsidiary and your autonomy.

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