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Recruiting in Australia

Australia is a favourable market for international expansion with one of the world’s most varied and well-educated workforces. Thus, for such expansion, recruitment is one of the most critical factors to be considered.

A business requires recruiting people who will be able to help the organisation develop and succeed. Similarly, as people are the foundation of any business, only those companies tend to flourish and prioritise their employees. This can only happen by recruiting employees.

Key Facts

Here are a few of the essential facts when recruiting in Australia.

  • The minimum wage per hour in 2021 was $20.33, this is $772.60 per 38 hour week
  • Workforces compose 13.2 million people in Australia
  • Likewise, the unemployment rate is at 4.2%
  • The participation rate is 66.2%
  • Whereas, the monthly hours worked in all jobs is 1,659 million

 (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, January 2022).

What is the local culture like in Australia?

Before recruiting in Australia, it is important to understand the local requirements that are present in Australia. Also, we need to know how they can affect the working relationship.

In Australia, a strong priority is given to the employees as a part of the empowerment program. However, this might differentiate recruiting here from other countries.

Just after the recruiting is done, employers need to provide the Fair Work Information Statement to the employees. This statement consists of information such as basic rights, entitlements, policies etc. to the employee.

Any failure to give this information or comply with these standards might result in costly legal proceedings and penalties to the employer.

Likewise, National Employment Standard is the minimum entitlement and rights for employment.

What is the Legal environment in Australia?

Australia has been ranked in the Top 20 of the 190 economies for the most favourable countries to conduct business in.

Six of its metropolitan areas are ranked 40 across the globe for their standard of living. This makes Australia the most ideal place to live and work.

  • The minimum wage in Australia as of July 1, 2019, is $19.40 per hour or $740.80 per week, with a 4 week of paid leave.
  • Minimum working hours is 38 hours per week or up to 7.6 hours every day, working from Monday to Friday.
  • Superannuation – a contribution made for the employee’s benefit, is currently 9.5% of the employee’s salary (normal working hours).
  • Every full time and part-time employee is entitled to 4 weeks of annual leave based on their ordinary hours of work.
  • Subsidiaries must submit an annual review statement that verifies all the shareholders, directors and addresses of the subsidiaries; and provide a Solvency Resolution signed by the Directors.
  • Submitting any US financial reports isn’t necessary. An investment of 1 AUD is sufficient for registration.

With the coronavirus taking place, it is even more difficult to know how to recruit in Australia. Look into Five ways your business can respond to the Coronavirus.

Looking into Visa Status of Potential Employee

Visa Status should be looked at carefully before recruiting someone in Australia. One might be staying in Australia with a permanent visa or temporary visa. Furthermore, with working restrictions, a visa is definitely a challenge for potential employers and recruiters.

Therefore, a recruiter has an option of either hiring an Australian or employing workers by sponsoring them on a permanent basis through the Employer Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

It can be done on a temporary basis through Temporary Work (Skilled) or by entering into a labour agreement with the Australian government. 

However, Expandys does not offer any consultation and advice for immigration and visa-related issues. Although, you can seek help from a certified migration agent. 

How can Expandys help you?

Expandys can help companies that are looking into recruiting in Australia. We can support you in the UK, Australia and India through our own offices and in the rest of the world through a network of partners: Globallians.

  • Expandys can carry out all the steps necessary for the recruitment of an employee on your behalf, aligning with the Australian legal system.
  • We help in posting and advertising your recruitment criteria on social media.
  • Interviews are organised on your behalf.
  • We assist in evaluating and shortlisting the most qualified candidates.